Bergenia Eroica

Bergenia Eroica

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Bergenia Eroica - Stunning Evergreen Perennial

Potted Bergenia 'Eroica'
Common Name: Eroica Elephant's Ears
Other Names: Winter-blooming Elephant's Ears, Leather Bergenia
Indoors or Outdoor: Outdoor
Size: 30-45 cm tall, 60-75 cm wide

Bergenia Eroica - Delivery

Delivery Info: Your vibrant Bergenia Eroica will be carefully packed and shipped to your doorstep, ready to thrive in your garden.

Bergenia Eroica - Characteristics

Mature Size: Grows to 30-45 cm in height and spreads 60-75 cm wide.
Evergreen or Deciduous: Evergreen, providing year-round visual interest.
Preferred Position: Thrives in partial shade to full sun.
Shape - Plant Characteristics: Clump-forming with bold, leathery leaves and striking pink flowers.
Hardy or Not Hardy: Hardy and resilient in various climates.
Diseases: Resistant to most common garden pests and diseases.

Bergenia Eroica - Uses

Uses in Garden: Perfect for borders, ground cover, or as a striking accent plant. Its vibrant foliage adds flair to any garden.

Bergenia Eroica - Planting Characteristics

Preferred Planting Aspect: Plant in well-draining soil with partial sun exposure.
Is it Frost Hardy: Yes, Bergenia Eroica can withstand frost and cold winters.
Fast or Slow Growing: Moderate growth rate.
Pruning Advice: Trim faded leaves in early spring to encourage new growth.

Bergenia Eroica - Planting Instructions

Sowing Time: Spring or early autumn is ideal for planting.
Instruction: Ensure well-draining soil and dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Place the plant in the hole, backfill with soil, and water thoroughly.
Trench Preparation: No trench necessary. Plant directly in the ground or in a pot.
Positioning of Plants: Space plants 60-75 cm apart.
Plant Spacing: Allow enough room for your Bergenia Eroica to spread and thrive.
Pruning Instructions: Trim back faded leaves in spring.

Facts About Products: Bergenia Eroica is a low-maintenance perennial that adds vibrant color and texture to your garden throughout the year. Its hardy nature and striking appearance make it a must-have for any garden enthusiast.

Elevate your garden's beauty with the Bergenia Eroica - a stunning evergreen perennial that's easy to care for and sure to impress. Order yours today and enjoy the year-round charm it brings to your outdoor space!

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