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Weber Gas BBQ

Weber Gas Barbecues are the number one selling gas grill on the market offering convenience and precision control..


Weber Charcoal BBQ

Weber Charcoal Barbecues give you that authentic barbecue taste. Built to last and easy to use while offering a large range of sizes and features to fit your outdoor space.


Weber Fuel & Flavouring Chips

The new premium Weber briquettes, Weber charcoal and Weber flavouring chips burn with a steady and sustained heat and they’re 100% natural with no added chemicals.


Weber Accessories

Grilling, cooking, smoking or baking, Weber Barbecues have one of the widest range of barbecue accessories on the market. All Weber Accessories are made to the highest quality to aid you in your barbecuing.


Weber Barbecue Covers

Weber Barbecue covers are made to fit each grill precisely with adjustable straps. Embrance all four seasons knowing that whatever the weather, your barbecue is covered.


Weber Cleaning & Care

Keep your Weber Barbecue looking fresh all year round with our selction of Weber cleaning and care products

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