Make your own decorations for a sustainable Christmas

Dec 7, 2023


We love Christmas! The thrill peaks when the deliveries roll in, and we delight in unpacking numerous boxes filled to the brim with colorful and shiny decorations. Natural ornaments certainly are a favourite here. They have a special glow and a gorgeous smell. You can combine store bought decorations with your own for a very intimate and soft look or go full on rustic with raw materials.

Making your own decorations also has some advantages. 

- Budget-friendly: you can make most of it with cut-off branches from the garden (be mindful not to take foliage, especially holly, from protected areas).

- Space-saving: you won't need to store it in the attic, it is biodegradable!

- Environment-friendly: unless you drive for hours to get your greenery, it has no carbon footprint. 

- Community building: organise a workshop night at home. You will have a great time with your friends and can share ideas and tips.

Martina, our lead merchandiser shares a few projects, easy to make at home with almost no tools other than a secateurs and a scissors. 


Spruce up the pots at your front door

potted hellebore

This gorgeous Helleborus 'Mallory' has been dressed up with cuts of Nobilis fir around the base. Add another two branches or twigs (with some lichen it is even better). Finish up the look with two balls simply made of Christmas tree branches tied with twine and curled willow bark.


A wreath with a twist

handmade wreath

Start with a circular base entirely made of Christmas tree cuts off and twine. Add on some contrasting foliage (here olive branches and dry yew). Add a splash of colour with crab apples. Finish with rattan bells and hessian ribbon for a rustic look.


A Simple Christmas Star

Handmade Christmas star

You will start by making 6 straight pieces with Christmas tree cuts off tied with twine. They should be the same length. Tie 3 lengths together to form a triangle and repeat with the other 3 pieces. Then, tie the 2 triangles together to make a star. Finish by adding a little bunch of holly with berries and two pine cones hanging in the centre.


That door got some swag!

handmade swag

A swag is a great alternative to a wreath. This bold piece is built a bit like a flat bouquet with layers of Nobilis fir, thuja and Nordman fir as a base. Olive tree branches and dry heads of Hydrangea 'Annabelle' add texture, while the bells beautifully reflect the street lights.


A head piece for your lantern

Decorated lantern

A wooden lantern welcomes visitors with a warm glow. Jazz it up with a few pieces of nobilis, a pinecone and curled willow bark. This simple bunch will make your entrance stand out.


A candle with a crown

candle arrangement

Bring the look into the house with this cheerful candle arrangement. Sustainability invites itself at the dinner table with a small wreath to put at the base of your candle. The base is made of Nordman fir branch tips, decorated with olive foliage, twisted willow bark, crab apples and pine cones. 


All of these decorations will last a few weeks outside but they will benefit from a little misting if the weather is too dry or windy. 

Once the festive season has passed, they can be composted. That means free space in the attic and less in the bin!


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